Business for 2018:  
  19th January Installation.
  16th February Initiation Mr. P.T.
  16th March Second degree Bro. D.G..
  20th April Second Bro. P.T.
  18th May Third degree Bro.A.L.
  19th October Third degree Bro G.P.
  16th November Third degree Bro D.P or Bro. P.T.
  14th December Business meeting.
  18th January 2019 Installation

LOI programme:    
  February 2018 9th First Degree
  March 2018 9th. Second degree
  April 2018 13th. Second
  May 2018 11th. Third degree
  June 2nd Second Degree (offices +1)
  July 7th First (offices +1)
  October 6th. & 13th.Double Third Degree
  November 3rd. & 10th. Second Degree
  December 1st. & 8th. Installation

Social Program  
9th. June Beetle Drive.
Date to be confirmed Visit to Grand Lodge with our Ladies
Date to be confirmed Cheese and Wine at Forest Side Farm Park Nook Ipstones ST10 2NG
25th October Visit to St. Cystenin Lodge 6321 LLandudno for the Installation meeting
4th. November Chinese Banquet