Business for 2018:  
  20th January Installation.
  16th February First Degree .
  16th March Second Degree Bro. D R.
  20th April Third Degree Bro A.L.
  18th May Double Second for University of Staffordshire Lodge 9907
  19th October First Degree . Mr. P A T.
  16th November Past Masters Third Degree Bro. J G P.
  21st. business meeting.

LOI programme: February 9th First Degree
  March 9th . Second Degree
  April 13th. Third Degree
  May 4th. & 11th. Second Degree
  June 15th. 460 1st. degree amendments
  July 13th. 460 2nd. degree amendments
  September 14th. 460 3rd. degree amendments

Social Program  
8th April Ladies Lincheon Stone Golf Club 1 for 1:30
Date to be confirmed  
Date to be confirmed  
25th October  
4th. November