Business for 2019:  
  18th January Installation.
  15th February First Degree Bro I.P.
  15th March Third Degree Bro. D. G.
  12th April business meeting
  17th May Second Degree Bro. P.T
  18th October First Degree demonstration
  15th November Past Masters Third Degree Bro.P.T.
  20th. December business meeting.

LOI programme: February 1st. & 8th First Degree
  March 1st. & 8th . Third Degree
  April 5th. Second Degree
  May 3rd. &10th. Second Degree
  October 4th. & 11th October First Degree
  November 1st. & 8th.November Third Degree
  December Installation

Social Program  
Sunday 18th November  
Sunday 8th December  
Date to be confirmed  
Date to be confirmed  
25th October  
4th. November